Naming Ceremonies

Name Giving CeremonyA Naming Ceremony is a special time to welcome a child into your family and the wider community. You may choose to have this ceremony at any age and guardians or mentors can be chosen for your child.

Your child and the guardians/mentors will receive a beautiful certificate to commemorate this day. You will also receive a beautifully presented copy of the ceremony.

Some special touches for Naming ceremonies might include:

  • presentation of a sentimental gift
  • readings or poems by a family member, sibling, or guardian
  • sprinkling rose petals
  • lighting candles
  • anointing with oils
  • sprinkling water
  • planting a tree
  • sealing a time capsule
  • a memento box or box of wishes


Flexible modern approach

Some people know just what they want and like to design their own ceremony. Others prefer me to write their ceremony. Some choose a short simple ceremony in a park or in my courtyard. I promise personalised, professional, service and advice to suit your requirements. I am available for consultation throughout the planning process. I would love to help you design a unique and memorable ceremony.

Please contact me to discuss your own ideas for the naming ceremony.

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